TAO Beach Pool

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Tao Beach at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel and Resort is by far one of the best Las Vegas pool parties.  During the day, the island paradise is sizzling with bikini clad bodies making a splash . At night Tao is transformed into a steamy dance party hotspot with only the best DJ’s and drinks.

Tao Beach is definitely one of the best Las Vegas adult pools.   You might want to bring a fat wallet when you arrive however.   The good news is that you definitely get what you pay for.  The service is the very best of the Las Vegas pool parties and luxury is the standard.  Tao’s main pool area is dotted with twelve private reserve cabanas that will make you feel like a true celebrity.  Each cabana is air conditioned with high definition plasma televisions, gaming consoles, DVD libraries, WiFi, and customized mini-bars.  Oh, and let’s not forget the concierge service complete with personal masseuse if you desire.  Each cabana seats up to 25 people and the price varies per season, day of the week, and per holiday.  Non-holiday rates are anywhere from $500-$2500 per cabana and if you are splitting it with the rest of your hottest bikini clad friends it is a affordable price to pay for the treatment that you will get.*   At night, the cabanas can be reserved for a personal side party with bottle service for you and all of your friends.


Move back and forth between the throbbing dance floor at Tao Beach Nighclub and your private party to have the best of both worlds.  There are also three “super cabanas” available for reservation that offer exclusive celebrity VIP treatment at a celebrity price.  If you are looking to express your inner celeb this is THE place to go.

If you do not want to spring for the high end luxury treatment don’t think that you will be left out.  This is the best of the Vegas adult pool parties because the luxury experience is the standard no matter where you lay your towel.  Roaming hard bodied attendants make sure you stay cool as they come by to cool you with refreshing body misters. Shapely poolside servers will happily clean the perspiration from your sunglasses for a clear view to the pool.


The Beach’s 18,000 square feet features Asian style day beds dispersed throughout.  Each day bed seats 6 to 8 people and depending again upon the season, day of the week, or holiday pricing the day beds are an affordable sunbathing treat.  Non-holiday prices range from $200-$1000 per day bed. *

Tao also features a 30ft bar to cool off and quench your thirst with a frosty Tao-tini or a Tao-jitos while you munch on the fabulous food of the Tao Asian Bistro.  And of course there are plenty of lounge chairs to soak up the warm Vegas rays, but you better get there early because they go fast.  Seriously, even if you are going for the “cheap seats” at Tao you cannot go wrong.  Tao Beach is the perfect luxury island getaway and one of the best Las Vegas pool parties.  Oh, and for those looking to tie the knot in Las Vegas, Tao also has an ordained reverend available to do the deed and then you and your mate can refresh by jumping in the pool after sealing your new union with a kiss!

Tip: Pick up the TAO Las Vegas Pass. With the pass you will get quick entry into two of the hottest clubs in Vegas, TAO and LAVO, just like if you were a celebrity. Skip the grouchy doormen,  cover charges and long lines.

Save up to $178.00 and zip to the front of the line at LAVO and TAO!

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