The Garden of the Gods Oasis, Caesar’s Palace

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Enjoy some of the most divine and best pools in Vegas all located at Caesar’s Palace. The Garden of the Gods Oasis totes 7 of the most heavenly pools in Vegas, over 40 new cabanas, and a high-end, European styled nightlife.


The Apollo Pool

This pool was designed with the sunbather in mind. Named after Apollo—the Roman god of light and the sun—it is only fitting that this would be one of the best pools in Vegas for soaking up sun. The Apollo Pool is perfectly located along the southwest corridor of the oasis so that guests may benefit from optimal rays. Relax in luxury and bronze your body as the gods did by enjoying one of the five cabanas, seven canopied day beds, or chaise lounges that decorate The Apollo Pool.


The Fortuna Pool

What would Vegas be without gambling? Don’t worry about drying off, just swim right up to the blackjack table located in The Fortuna Pool. May the gods be on your side as you take advantage of one of the best pools in Vegas. The Fortuna Pool, named after the Roman goddess of luck, is also fortuitously equipped with a libation station in the Sun Lounge where you can have a bite to eat or order from the scotch tasting menu.


The Jupiter Pool

Take a moment away from the hustle and bustle that is life and relax in The Jupiter Pool. This pool is located in the northwest corridor of the oasis and is an oasis in itself dawning five cabanas, eight day beds (furnished with or without canopies), three scoop day beds or chaise lounge chairs.


The Neptune Pool

Rub elbows with fellow denizens of The Neptune Pool’s luxurious social hub while in one of the best pools in Vegas. Mix and mingle amidst the pool and luxurious featured cabanas (eight), day beds (twenty-four), and chaise lounge chairs fit for gods.


The Temple Pool

One of the most iconic and elegant pools in Vegas–The Temple–is constructed of exquisite statuaries and columns displaying its grandiose nature of luxury and is adorned with exotic foreign topiaries. Recline in revelry as the gods once did in one of the five cabanas or seventeen day beds.


The Venus Pool

One of the most exclusive and well-appointed pools in Vegas; The Venus has the perfected heir of sophistication and European chic that was inherited from their big sister, PURE Nightclub, voted no. 1 nightclub in the country by E! Entertainment. Top shelf beverages and star quality food is available upon request along with roaming margarita and mojito carts. Break away from the paparazzi to one of the eleven cabanas, four couches, fourteen day beds and chaise lounge chairs.



Live in the lapse of luxury while you are poolside at The Garden of the Gods. Enjoy one of the forty premiere cabanas that come equipped with stately flat-screen TVs, DVD players, WIFI, fully stocked refrigerator, and ceiling fans. Lounge in plush poolside furniture and cool off with a chilled towel or an Evian face spritzer. Indulge in a heavenly massage while you listen to your iPod from the provided dock or just keep it simple and take advantage of one of the eight-hundred and thirty two deck chairs.
For reservations call 702.731.7266



The Venus Pool is open year round while the rest of the pools are closed during the off season. Hours may change at any time due to event scheduling.

Sunday – Thursday:  $20 men / $10 women

Friday & Saturday: $30 men / $20 women



The Venus Pool rocks one of the most happening hot spots for celebrity entertainment from performers such as Ja Rule, Kid Cudi, Eve, Big Boi and even Salt ‘n’ Pepa. The big name hip hop performers aren’t the only frequenters of one of the best pools in Vegas for singles but Miss Universe, playmates, and Chippendales dancers can be found grooving in this upscale party sc

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